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2-Minute Marketing Tip #2 – Understanding Social Media

Social Media is simply word of mouth, and it works in the same way. If you have a great experience you like to share it with your friends, and the same goes if you have a bad experience. People share what they feel passionate about, and as a business owner you should do the same. When you go out with your friends the first words out of your mouth probably aren’t “hey I have tops on sale for $19.99!, and if those are your first words, you probably don’t have many friends.

The key to getting people to follow you is to be yourself, exude the philosophy of your brand and show people what you are passionate about. In other words the key to Social Media is the “Social” part. As a business owner you are your “Brand Ambassador”, and an ambassador’s job isn’t to sell, it’s to it’s to represent the company and embody it’s philosophy. A good Social Media role model is Monster Energy, they never post about their products or specials, they share information regarding the things they are passionate about like gaming, racing and extreme sports.

Does that mean you should never discuss your products or specials on Social Media? No, but if your goal is to build an audience you need to find what you represent to that audience, and then own that! If your business is a hip clothing store for 30-somethings, then you need be what your customers want to be, you need to share experiences, ideas and images that your customers want to see.

Once you have an audience that trusts you, relates to you and respects you, then you can share some well-timed “deals” for your friends in between your social discussions. Just remember, social media isn’t about selling, it’s about representing your brand.


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