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NEON Agency Contracts with Home Depot Founder

Home Depot Founder Pat Farrah has contracted the NEON Agency to market his newest venture, the Lucky Beaver Bar & Burger. Lucky Beaver opened their first store in South Lake Tahoe in 2012, and is scheduled to open their second store this July in Reno, NV.

“The Lucky Beaver is a unique concept” states NEON’s Randy Pease, “it’s a bar that features very high quality food, they buy their meats from Pat LaFrieda , burgers are made from chopped steak, not ground beef, they serve Ahi Burgers and Fresh Ahi Salads, Tomahawk Steaks, that sort of fare, but they do it 24-hours a day, nobody else is doing that”

The other thing you’ll notice when you go to the Lucky Beaver is the service, “the Management team at the Lucky Beaver believe service is paramount, and they’ve built a system unlike any other company I’ve seen” adds Mr. Pease, “Employees vote on new team members, and they are rewarded for excelling. Those who perform the best are given positions on the company’s steering committee, they shape company policy, help plan events and marketing and share in company profits”

The Lucky Beaver opens their first Reno Store on July 25th, just in time for Hot August Nights, one of the biggest festivals in Reno. For more information visit Lucky


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